Ultrastructure of the Microsporidium, Duboscqia legeri, the Type Species of the Genus Duboscqia Perez, 1908

Jaroslav Weiser,

Zdenek Zizka,

Jaroslav Holusa,

Peter Belton


The type species of the genus Duboscqia Perez, 1908 (Opisthokonta, Microspora), D. legeri is a pathogen of termites. It was found again in Zootermopsis angusticollis in British Columbia and the material is used for emendation of data on ultrastructures of this old genus. The sporogony of this microsporidian ends with 16 oval spores closed in sporophorous vesicles. The isofilar polar filament coiled in 13 coils, the arched anchoring disc and the polaroplast with tightly packed lamellae are typical for the ultrastructures of uninucleate spores. The sporophorous vesicle is persistent. The microsporidian infects cyst-like lobes of the fat body hanging free in the body cavity. Relations to other related genera are discussed.

Słowa kluczowe: Duboscqia legeri, microsporidium, ultrastructures

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