The Onset of Ciliate Populations in Newborn Foals

Catherine Elizabeth Egan,

Neil R. McEwan,

Tim Snelling


The time of onset of survival of ciliate protozoa in the equine hindgut in new born foals was investigated. Daily faecal samples were collected from 6 new-born foals and studied under a microscope for examples of ciliates within the samples. The results of this study show that ciliates are first seen in faecal samples from the foal on day 5 post partum although these appeared to be voided and were assumed to be non-viable. However, by the following day the ciliates collected seen in the faecal samples appeared to be intact and were assumed to be viable. This observation is 5 days earlier than ciliates have previously been observed in faeces collected from the digestive tract of newborn foals.

Słowa kluczowe: Ciliates, equine digestive tract, colonisation

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