Two New Species of the Genus Stenamoeba Smirnov, Nassonova, Chao et Cavalier-Smith, 2007

Iva Dyková,

Martin Kostka,

Hana Pecková


As a result of light microscopical, ultrastructural and molecular study of three amoeba strains isolated from organs of three freshwater fish hosts, Stenamoeba amazonica sp. n. and S. limacina sp. n. are described as new amoeba species. The mutual comparison of isolated strains has extended the knowledge of morphological diversity within the genus Stenamoeba Smirnov, Nassonova, Chao et Cavalier-Smith, 2007. Molecular data obtained for these strains have complemented the phylogenetic tree that so far has contained only one nominal species within the single-genus Stenamoeba clade.

Słowa kluczowe: Stenamoeba amazonica, Stenamoeba limacina, new species, taxonomy, phylogeny

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