Description of a New Testate Amoebae Genus Meisterfeldia with Notes on the Systematics of the Suborder Phryganellina (Amebozoa; Tubulinea; Arcellinida)

Anatoly Bobrov

The review on the systematics of the suborder Phryganellina is presented. The diagnosis of newly erected genus Meisterfeldia is provided. Three new species, namely Meisterfeldia chibisovi, Meisterfeldia wegeneri and Meisterfeldia polygonia, of testate amoeba family Cryptodifflugiidae are described. Two species, namely Meisterfeldia vanhoornei and Meisterfelsia turfacea are transferred from the genus Cryptodifflugia. The specimens of new genus are characterised by ovoid shell, which is bilaterally symmetrical and laterally compressed, composed of proteinaceous material without mineral particles; circular subterminal aperture placed on ventrally and obliquely cut apertural end, or it is situated on a well developed or poorly expressed neck inclined ventrally. 
Słowa kluczowe: Testate amoebae, Cryptodifflugiidae, taxonomy, new genus Meisterfeldia, three new species, tundra, subarctica, Russia

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