Morphology and Molecular Phylogeny of the Soil Ciliate Anteholosticha rectangula sp. nov. from King George Island, Maritime Antarctica

Jae-Ho Jung,

Kyung-Min Park,

Sanghee Kim


The soil ciliate Anteholosticha rectangula nov. spec. was discovered on King George Island in maritime Antarctica. Morphology and the nuclear SSU rDNA sequence were used to describe and infer the phylogenetic position of the new species. Anteholosticha rectangula is morphologically similar to A. bergeri and A. verrucosa, differing primarily by the morphology of the nuclear apparatus and dorsal kineties, respectively. The morphological features of related species are compared and discussed to confirm the validity of the new species. Molecular phylogenetic tree supports the previously reported polyphyly of the genus Anteholosticha.

Słowa kluczowe: New species, protargol impregnation, polyphyly, SSU rDNA, taxonomy

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