A New Species of Flamella (Amoebozoa, Variosea, Gracilipodida) Isolated from a Freshwater Pool in Southern Mississippi, USA  

Austin C. Walthall,

Alexander K. Tice,

Matthew W. Brown


We isolated and identified a freshwater amoebozoan species that belongs to the genus Flamella Schaeffer, 1926 by single cell isolation and light microscopy. Our specific strain was isolated from a water sample obtained on the cover of a swimming pool in Petal, Mississippi, USA collected during the winter of 2015. Morphologically, our isolate is a fan-shaped amoeba with a large, frontal hyaloplasm and distinctive granuloplasm. It is capable of encystment and trophozoites occasionally have two nuclei. The isolate (GFP151sc) is phylogenetically sister to but unique from the freshwater environmental flamellid clone from Borok, Yaroslavl region, Russia originally published in 2006. Here we describe and place this isolate into a new species, Flamella piscinae n. sp.

Słowa kluczowe: Amoeboid, amoeba, SSU rDNA, taxonomy, protist, phylogenetics, Flamella, Gracilipoida

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