Testate Amoeba Diversity of a Poor Fen on Mineral Soil in the Hilly Area of Central Honshu, Japan

Satoshi D. Shimano,

Anatoly Bobrov,

Manfred Wanner,

Mariusz Lamentowicz,

Yuri Mazei,

Taisuke Ohtsuka

We present a short note on the species composition of testate amoebae in a poor fen on mineral soil near the Pacific Coast in the hilly area of Central Honshu, Japan. In total 45 species and subspecific taxa belonged to 21 genera and 14 families of testate amoebae were recorded. Eight species and nine subspecies are newly recorded from Japan. However, most species from the list can be considered as distributed worldwide and associated mostly to oligotrophic/acid Sphagnum conditions. 
Słowa kluczowe: testate amoebae, mineral soil, fen, Japan, Sphagnum, Rhizaria, Amoebozoa, Stramenopiles

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