The Systematic Studies on the Hypotrich Ciliate, Tachysoma pellionellum (Müller, 1773) Borror, 1972 (Protozoa, Ciliophora) Based on Integrative Approaches: Morphology, Morphogenesis and Molecular Phylogenetic Analyses

Lingyun Chen,

Xiaolu Zhao,

Hamed A. El-Serehy,

Jie Huang,

John C. Clamp


Tachysoma pellionellum Stokes, 1887, a freshwater ciliate isolated from Stone Mountain State Park, North Carolina, was studied in vivo and after staining with protargol. The population was characterized mainly by having the typical 18 frontal-ventral-transverse cirri; posterior ends of left and right marginal rows not confluent; five dorsal kineties and one dorsomarginal kinety; two macronuclear nodules near left cell margin with one or two micronuclei between them; contractile vacuole located at mid-body near left margin. Morphogenesis is characterized as follows: (1) in the proter, the parental adoral zone of membranelles is retained completely; (2) 18 frontal-ventral-transverse cirri are derived from the anlage of the undulating membrane and the five streaks of the frontal-ventral-transverse anlagen; (3) marginal rows develop intrakinetally; (4) anlagen of dorsal kineties 1, 2 and 4 develop in the parental structure and anlagen of dorsal kineties 2 and 4 fragment in the posterior region forming anlagen of dorsal kineties 3 and 5; (5) only one dorsomarginal kinety formed; (6) the two macronuclear nodules fuse into a single mass, which then divides. Phylogenetic analyses based on sequences of the gene coding for SSU RNA revealed a close relationship between T. pellionellum and the Oxytricha clade, both of which grouped with Kleinstyla dorsicirrata and Heterourosomoida lanceolata.

Słowa kluczowe: fresh water ciliate, ontogenesis, phylogenetic analysis, taxonomy

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