Morphology of Two Eschaneustyla Species (Ciliophora, Urostylida), with Notes on Morphogenesis of Eschaneustyla lugeri

Yufan Deng,

Xiaoteng Lu,

Jingbao Li,

Sang Ba,

Thiago da Silva Paiva


In this study, morphology of a Brazilian population of Eschaneustyla terricola Foissner, 1982 and a Chinese population of E. lugeri Foissner, Agatha & Berger, 2002 were studied based on living observation and protargol impregnation. Several stages of morphogenesis in E. lugeri were reported and the most remarkable features are characterized as follows: (1) partly renewal of adoral zone of membranelles in the proter and the parental midventral cirri do not join the construction of the opisthe’s oral primordium; (2) three or four buccal cirri each develop from one frontoventral cirral anlage and undulating membranes anlage generates two frontal cirri; (3) frontoventral cirral anlagen n and n-1 develop de novo and in the frontoterminal cirral row, respectively; (4) intrakinetal development of marginal and dorsal kineties anlagen; (5) fusion of macronuclear nodules into a single mass. 

Słowa kluczowe: Ciliates, infraciliature, ontogenesis, urostylid

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