Myxosporean infection of Grey Mullet in the Ebro Delta: Identification and Ultrastructure of Myxobolus ichkeulensis Bahri & Marques, 1996 Infecting the Gills of Mugil cephalus L.

Maillo-Bellón Pedro-Andrés


The ultrastructural characteristics of the sporogenesis of Myxobolus, which infect the brachial arches of Mugil cephalus, is presented. The prevalence of infection was 52.7%. The ultrastructural features of the Myxobolus species studied in general comply with known features of this genus. Based on the ultrastructural morphology and specificity to the host organ, we conclude that this species is Myxobolus ichkeulensis (Bahri and Marques 1996).

Słowa kluczowe: Fish parasite, aquaculture, Myxozoa, ultrastructure, Myxobolus ichkeulensis, Mugil cephalus

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