Morphological Studies on Five Trachelocercids from the Yellow Sea coast of China, with a Description of Tracheloraphis huangi spec. nov. (Ciliophora, Karyorelictea)

Yuan Xu,

Anton Esaulov,

Xiaofeng Lin,

Yuri A. Mazei,

Xiaozhong Hu,

Khaled A. S. Al-Rasheid,

Alan Warren


The morphology and infraciliature of five trachelocercid ciliates: Tracheloraphis huangi spec. nov., T. colubis (Kahl, 1933) comb. nov., T. phoenicopterus (Cohn, 1866) Dragesco, 1960, T. oligostriata (Raikov, 1962) Foissner and Dragesco, 1996 and Trachelocerca incaudata Kahl, 1933, isolated from the intertidal zone of a beach at Qingdao, China, were studied in live and protargol impregnated specimens. Tracheloraphis huangi spec. nov. was distinguished from its congeners mainly by its single nuclear group composed of 25–30 round macronuclei and 29–37 somatic kineties. The poorly known T. colubis is redescribed including for the first time information on its infraciliature. An improved diagnosis is also provided. In light of its infraciliature, T. colubis is transferred to Tracheloraphis from the genus Trachelocerca. Additional data on other three species is supplied based on the Qingdao populations.

Słowa kluczowe: Infraciliature, Karyorelictea, marine ciliates, Trachelocerca, Tracheloraphis

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