The Diversity of Scuticociliates (Protozoa, Ciliophora): A Report on Eight Marine Forms Found in Coastal Waters of China, with a Description of One New Species

Xinpeng Fan,

Xiaofeng Lin,

Khaled A. S. Al-Rasheid,

Saleh A. Al-Farraj,

Alan Warren,

Weibo Song


Eight marine scuticociliates, Pseudoplatynematum denticulatum (Kahl, 1933) nov. comb., Protocyclidium sinica nov. spec., Histiobalantium marinum Kahl, 1933, Porpostoma notata Möbius, 1888, Philaster hiatti Thompson, 1969, Parauronema longum Song, 1995, Uronemella parafilificum Gong et al., 2007, and Paranophrys magna Borror, 1972, collected from Chinese coastal waters, were investigated using live observations and silver impregnation methods. Investigations of a Chinese population of Platynematum denticulatum (Kahl, 1933) reveal that it has a highly strengthened pellicle and distinct spines and thus corresponds well with the definition of Pseudoplatynematum Bock, 1952. A new combination, Pseudoplatynematum denticulatum (Kahl, 1933) nov. comb., is therefore proposed and an improved species diagnosis is supplied. Protocyclidium sinica nov. spec. is characterized by: small body size with buccal field approximately 60% of body length; extrusomes present; 13 or 14 somatic kineties; somatic kinety 1 comprising approximately 24 densely arranged kinetids; somatic kinety n shortened posteriorly; single macronucleus. Additional information is documented on the morphology of six other species of scuticociliates based on the China populations.

Słowa kluczowe: Infraciliature, marine ciliates, new combination, new species, Protocyclidium, Pseudoplatynematum, Scuticociliate

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