Molecular Phylogeny of the Sand-dwelling Dinoflagellates Amphidiniopsis hirsuta and A. swedmarkii (Peridiniales, Dinophyceae)

Fernando Gómez,

Luis López-Medina,

David Moreira


Amphidiniopsis is one of the most specious genera of sand-dwelling dinoflagellates. However, its systematic position and the affinities to other genera remain unresolved. We obtained the first SSU rDNA sequences of two species of Amphidiniopsis, A. hirsuta and A. swedmarkii collected from the French coasts of the English Channel. In the corresponding SSU rDNA phylogeny, the sand-dwelling Amphidiniopsis spp., Thecadinium dragescoi, Herdmania litoralis and the planktonic Archaeperidinium (= Protoperidinium) minutum formed a strongly supported clade (100% bootstrap support), with a Scrippsiella-like species occupying a basal position. This clade branched close to families of Peridiniales such as Calciodinellaceae (Scripssiella), Podolampadaceae (Podolampas, Roscoffia), Heterocapsaceae (Heterocapsa) and other peridinioids. The members of the clade of Amphidiniopsis are placed in the family Amphidiniopsidaceae, within
the Peridiniales.

Słowa kluczowe: Archaeperidinium, benthic peridinioids, Dinoflagellata, Gymnodiniales-Peridiniales-Prorocentrales lineage, Herdmania litoralis, Protoperidinium minutum, SSU rDNA phylogeny, Thecadinium

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