Redescriptions of two Marine Scuticociliates from China, with notes on Stomatogenesis in Parauronema longum (Ciliophora, Scuticociliatida)

Xuming Pan,

Chen Shao,

Honggang Ma,

Xinpeng Fan,

Khaled A. S. Al-Rasheid,

Saleh A. Al-Farraj,

Xiaozhong Hu


The morphology and infraciliature of two marine scuticociliates, Pleuronema puytoraci Grolière and Detcheva, 1974, and Parauronema longum Song, 1995, collected from China, were investigated using live observation and protargol impregnation methods. Based on the data obtained for the China population, new information of the living morphology of Pleuronema puytoraci is documented and details of the complete infraciliature is available for the first time. The stomatogenesis of Parauronema longum is basically similar to that of its congeners and can be summarized as follows: membranelle 1, membranelle 2 and the scutica of the opisthe originate from the parental paroral membrane, whereas membranelle 3 of the opisthe develops from the parental scutica; the paroral membrane originates from the parental paroral membrane.

Słowa kluczowe: Scuticociliates, infraciliature, marine ciliates, morphogenesis, Parauronema, Pleuronema

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