Molecular Identification of a Phage-infected Protochlamydia Strain Naturally Harboured by Non-Encysting Naegleria

Daniele Corsaro,

Julia Walochnik,

Danielle Venditti,

Karl-Dieter Müller,

Rolf Michel


A thermophilic strain of Naegleria clarki, isolated from a pond, has previously been investigated for its peculiarity to host a cytoplasmic symbiont, which causes a loss of the ability to form cysts. This endosymbiont, called Pcb, was itself infected by a phage, and exhibited chlamydia-like features resembling to another symbiont of Naegleria previously described as Protochlamydia naegleriophila. We report in this study, the results of amoeba host range and 16S rDNA molecular phylogeny of this strain, showing that Pcb is a new strain of the Naegleria endosymbiont chlamydial species Protochlamydia naegleriophila (Chlamydiae: Parachlamydiaceae).

Słowa kluczowe: Naegleria, Protochlamydia, Chlamydiae, phage

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