Taxonomic Studies on Three Marine Ciliates from China, Including a New Species (Ciliophora, Cyrtophorida)

Hongbo Pan,

Honggang Ma,

Xiaozhong Hu,

Khaled A. S. Al-Rasheid,

Saleh A. Al-Farraj


The present work investigates the living morphology and infraciliature of three marine cyrtophorid ciliates, which were isolated from Qingdao, China. Compared with its congeners, Orthotrochilia sinica spec. nov. can be distinguished by a combination of features: body slender and elliptical in outline, size about 50–60 × 20–25 μm in vivo, 18–21 somatic kineties, the length of the left perioral kinety treble the length of the right one, two ventrally located contractile vacuoles on the right side, and 25–32 nematodesmal rods. Based on current observations and the previous description, the diagnosis of Trochilioides tenuis (Deroux, 1976) Chen et al. 2011 is improved: cell size 30–40 × 20–35 μm in vivo, oval shaped in outline; consistently three right kineties, four left kineties and seven postoral kineties; a single contractile vacuole; marine habitat. A second species of Trochilioides, T. recta (Kahl, 1923) Chen et al. 2011 is re-described based on a Chinese population. Furthermore, a key to the identification of species of the genus Trochilioides whose infraciliature data are available is supplied, and Chlamydonyx trivialis (Fenchel, 1965) comb. nov. [basionym: Trochilioides trivialis Fenchel, 1965] is suggested.

Słowa kluczowe: Cyrtophorida, infraciliature, marine ciliates, new species, taxonomy

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