Three New Microthoracids (Ciliophora, Nassophorea) from Austria and Venezuela

Atef Omar,

Wilhelm Foissner

Using standard methods, we describe three new microthoracids. Drepanomonas minuta nov. spec. is characterized by a small size (in vivo about 22 × 11 µm) and a curious distribution pattern of the extrusomes, viz., only one trichocyst each in mid of dorsal margin and near posterior end of ventral side. Body size and shape of D. minuta highly resemble D. revoluta – for which a new morphometric characterization is provided – which, however, has a deep, broad furrow on the left side and more than 10 extrusomes. Drepanomonas multidentata nov. spec. was discovered in ephemeral grassland puddles on the north coast of Venezuela. It is a comparatively large species (in vivo 45 × 25 µm) with a total of nine spines, of which those on the left posterior half form a highly characteristic tridentate pattern. Curiously, this species lacks extrusomes. Leptopharynx lajacola nov. spec. was discovered in an ephemeral puddle on a granitic outcropping (Laja) in Venezuela. This species resembles L. costatus but is unique in having a quadrangular outline and a strongly curved oral basket with the opening directed posteriorly. In the past four years, we have described 10 new microthoracids, showing that their diversity is far from being exhausted.
Słowa kluczowe: biodiversity, ciliates, Drepanomonas, Leptopharynx, new species, soil ciliates

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