Współpraca Archiwum Państwowego we Wrocławiu z archiwami z Czech i Niemiec oraz innych państw Europy w okresie 1980–2016

Janusz Gołaszewski


Partnership Between the State Archive in Wrocław and Archives in the Czech Republic, Germany and other European States between 1980 and 2016

The paper provides a description of the relations between the State Archive in Wrocław, the leading archival institution in Lower Silesia, and archives in the Czech Republic, Germany and other European states between the 1980s and 2016. The partnership assumed a myriad of forms, from reclaiming archival materials, returned based on the pertinence principle, to archivist internships of Wrocław archivists, co-hosting and participating in conferences and popularising the Archive’s resources. During the aforementioned period, as many as several hundred events took place! Also worth noting are the various articles by Wrocław archivists published in foreign journals and periodicals. A positive symptom of these relations is the unique activity of certain branches of the Archive, primarily in Jelenia Góra and Lubań/Bolesławiec, which work together with archive institutions from the Czech and German borderlands. The noticeably lower activity of the German archivists is the only suboptimal aspect in this context, as it is their Polish counterparts who are predominantly responsible for initiating joint efforts. 

Słowa kluczowe: archiwum, archiwalia, archiwistyka, Archiwum Państwowe we Wrocławiu, ArchNet, materiały archiwalne, archiwa czeskie, archiwa niemieckie, archiwa słowackie, wystawy archiwalne, konferencje naukowe, źródła archiwalne, Ivo Łaborewicz, Roman Stelmach, Janusz Gołaszewski, Dorota Sokołowska, Adam Baniecki, Euroregion Nysa, katalog dokumentów, dokumenty pergaminowe, użytkownicy pracowni naukowych, kwerendy archiwalne, wymiana archiwistów, staże archiwalne, rewindykacja materiałów archiwalnych, polonica, silesiaca

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