L’Équilibre des paradoxes de Michel Pagel : quatre types de déformati on de la réalité

Magdalena Piechocka-Ławnik


Born in Paris in 1961, Michel Pagel is a French science fi cti on and fantasy writer. L’Équilibre des paradoxes, novel published in 1999, is classed as an example of steampunk, current fl owing directly from science fi cti on. The steampunk texts mix two diff erent periods: the past, specifi cally the nineteenth or early twenti eth century, and the future. This world, which oscillates between the past and the future, also mix the real with the imaginary. The authors take advantage of realism to describe in detail the reality, but this reality is certainly changed and distorted by diff erent means. In L’Équilibre des paradoxes, Pagel creates a highly distorted world. In this novel, we fi nd four types of reality deformati on: the deformati on of ti me, space, characters and narrati ve deformati on.

Słowa kluczowe: Michel Pagel, steampunk, deformati on, reality

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