La narrativité picturale dans la BD algérienne francophone

Saadedine Fatmi


Pictorial narrativity in the francophone algerian comics

Our statement aims to see how it is possible to express oneself in images and the process used to build a dynamic intrigue in a narrative in order to ensure an easily comprehensible narrative line. For that, we will first try to expose the multiple techniques used by the cartoonists while illustrating our statement by excerpts extracted from the corpus in study. We will also discuss the type of narrative and also reveal the coexistence of comic and realistic narrative in most cartoon albums where the “dramatization” of the narrative has often resorted to dramatic turns, mystery or suspense. The reality is often trivialized or sublimated in the same objective, which is to go more or less beyond the real, thus competing with the traditional dramatic author, with the drawing in less.

Słowa kluczowe: comics, narrativity, Algeria, texts, draws

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