Le Fantasme du retour : le clonage dans la sciencefiction. Joëlle Wintrebert – Les Olympiades truquées

Mathieu Lottiaux


Hope of the reborn past: cloning in science fiction. Joëlle Wintrebert – Les Olympiades truquées

The novel of Joëlle Wintrebert talks about a society where cloning is used to build champions. The father of the modern cloning, Bior Malard, is struck by a drama: the death of his woman. But he takes cells and clones her. A child born: Maël. She is a baby, and Bior brings up her. A question appears: who is Maël? His wife? His daughter?
This paper deals with some issues like identity, ownership of the body and abilities of the body in a complicated and entangled paradox of the time.  If a character comes from the past, or if a part of their own body comes from the past, can he build the future, or even be a part of it?

Słowa kluczowe: Wintrebert, clonage, OEdipe, science-fiction

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