Proper construction, maintenance and reclamation of municipal landfills in accordance with Polish legislation

Agnieszka Jamróz


In the paper the most important rules of conduct switched during construction, operation and reclamation of municipal
waste landfill is presented. The guidelines provided in the Regulation of the Minister of Environment of 26 February
2009 (J. L. 39 pos. 320 from 2009), which amended Decree of the Minister of Environment of 24 March 2003 on detailed
requirements for the location, construction, operation and closure, which should correspond to the different types of
landfills (J.L. 2003 no. 61 pos. 549) were used. On the basis of the regulations it is now possible to identify all elements
that the designer should absolutely include in the proposed landfill project. Regulation specific parameters are given only
when it is necessary (because of the requirements for human health, the environment, or the transfer of EU legislation).
The paper presents several sample, correct solutions used in practice.

Słowa kluczowe: landfill, leachate drainage, landfill gas, reclamation