Spent bentonite sorbent cleaning in combustion process

Beata Kowarska,

Jerzy Baron,

Stanisław Kandefer,

Witold Żukowski


Thermal regeneration of bentonite sorbent with application of the reburning, as a method of
reduction of NOx emission, has been presented. It has been proved that in the freebooard above
fluidised bed, it can be achieved significant decrease of NOx concentration in the flue gases,
related to contractual conditions. In the freeboard of the reactor besides reburning it has been
conduced separation of the raw material from regenerated material and pneumatic transport of
solid material achieved from regeneration. It has been revealed that transport processes have no
negative influence on NOx reduction conditions. Heat evolved above the fluidised bed is partly
transferred to the fluidised bed and that facilitates obtaining the thermal equilibrium in the bed.

Słowa kluczowe: bentonite sorbent, regeneration of bleachning earth, fluidised bed reactor, reburning