Contemporary function of the marketplace – historical public space of the selected cities

Justyna Kobylarczyk


Attractive city center frequently constitutes its showcase. It is a peculiar place assembling impressive architectural objects with a significant historical importance. That is why this is a place which everyone want to see (tourists and occupants). Sometimes, aesthetic and functional values of the central urban space are connected with the character of the city itself. The size and main functions are different in a further regions. For instance, main promenade in Iwonicz Zdrój health resort looks completely different than the market square in Głogów Małopolski (one of the biggest marketplaces in Poland). Distinguishing features of the marketplaces depend on the regions in which they occur, as well as the size of the city they are situated in. This paper presents characteristic of the selected city centers located in the podkarpackie voivodeship. The main problems faced by the most prestigious urban spaces have been presented, as well as modern requirements of the citizens residing in city centers selected for the analysis.

Słowa kluczowe: center, town, podkarpackie voivodeship