The analysis of suburban housing features based on the example of development investments realised in the vicinity of Krakow

Marcin Kucharczyk


Krakow, as many other developing metropolitan areas, undergoes dynamic suburban processes. Underinvested areas located in direct range of influence of large scale urban centers are becoming a scene of spontaneous city-creating processes. The paper presents results of analyses of new building complexes in the Krakow suburbia. Studies have proved weak spatial relation between particular investments, which may bear witness to an increasing role of network type relation in creating contemporary urban structures. Network type urban relations are not conducive to large-scale social structures in the way public spaces of streets and squares used to be in the traditional urban design. The “new order”, that is being shaped in suburban areas, seems to question some traditional social rules. Therefore the question of relation between these two: social and spatial dimensions of a city became up-to-date. Are new urban structures going to shape a new society, or maybe on the contrary – suburban neoplasm is a result of a contemporary civilization disease?

Słowa kluczowe: developers’ investments, suburban housing estates, network type relation, suburbanization