Application of Na12[WZn3(H2O)2][ZnW9O34)2] polyoxometalate as a catalyst in oxidation of alcohols under microwave irradiation

Wiktor Kasprzyk,

Mateusz Galica,

Szczepan Bednarz,

Dariusz Bogdał


In this paper the results of oxidation of alcohols under microwave irradiation using Na12[WZn3(H2O)2][ZnW9O32)2] (ZnPOM) as a catalyst was shown. These reactions were conducted in microwave high-pressure reactor using acetonitryl as organic solvent and 30% hydrogen peroxide as oxidant. Under reaction conditions primary alcohols were oxidized to appropriate acids, secondary alcohols were oxidized to ketones. In case of diols it was found that secondary –OH groups were oxidized in the first instance.

Słowa kluczowe: polyoxometalates, oxidation, microwave irradiation, hydrogen peroxide