Microstructure and properties of sintered 410L steel with copper addition

Aneta Szewczyk-Nykiel,

Marek Nykiel,

Jan Kazior


In the present study copper modificated 410L stainless steel was investigated. This steel was fabricated based on powders, by the pressing and sintering. By varying amount of copper and sintering temperature the properties of the 410L stainless steel can be improved. At sintering temperature of 1240°C and at high copper levels the microstructure of steel is predominately martensitic. The sintered density of steel increases as the copper level increases, with a drop-off in density at 4 w/o Cu. It has been shown that stainless steels with higher copper levels have higher hardness and better density in comparison to steels sintered in 1260°C. In general, higher sintering temperature and low copper levels favor the formation of ferrite. An examination of the microstructures of these steels reveals that they are a mixture of ferrite and martensite.

Słowa kluczowe: sintered steel 410L, copper, microstructure, properties