Design guidelines for multi-service centre in municipality Wilkowic

Ewa Stachura,

Monika Borkowska,

Joanna Domańska


The transition period in Poland has allowed to establish a new segment of investors which are small towns and municipalities. This new group of investors undertake the task of new investment building new objects and elements of infrastructure. services, many of which manages to successfully finalize. New investments are usually successful in case of favorable location of the town in the region, its tourism attractiveness and good communication links. Already existing services and development also enable to start the new ventures as well as a precise vision and mission of the local government competently translates into strategic objectives then expressed by the idea of investment. This study presents a method of creating an information system for investment decisions in a small town - a seat of the municipality. It is related to the service buildings development. This paper shows the method of analysing and evaluating the location of the planned investment options in the context of the local master plan and the characteristics of the land. A method of a questionnaire survey was used to measure the level of acceptance for the planned investment by the future users. Selected segments of stakeholder groups were interviewed to get the opinions on the future program and architecture of the planned buildings.

Słowa kluczowe: investment decisions, location decisions, users’ preferences testing, investment program acceptance

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