Comparison of the rheological properties of polyamide-6 and its nanocomposites with montmorillonite obtained by melt intercalation

Tomasz M. Majka,

Krzysztof Pielichowski,

Agnieszka Leszczyńska


Each varying parameter which can contribute to the quality of final products plays an important role in the processing of polymer nanomaterials. Rheological properties are useful in proper formulation of new polyamide-6 (PA-6) based materials and selecting processing parameters. However, the measured rheological properties depend strongly on the sample preparation method, humidity regulation, and time-temperature history during the measurement and not least on the kind of rheometer being used. The results of the preliminary investigation show the changes in visco-elastic properties of two types of PA-6 and their nanocomposites with montmorilonite.


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