Preservation and restoration of greenery in historical cemeteries in Slovakia

Denisa Halajová,

Richard Kubišta


The largest development in sepulchral culture came at the time of the Enlightenment, when an architectural type of cemetery was created. This type of burial grounds often currently constitutes significant areas of historical greenery in our cities. The quantity and quality of the greenery in cemeteries, however, have decreased significantly in recent decades. The maintenance of these historical cemeteries requires in particular the protection and restoration of the paths. The article is focused on an evaluation of the greenery in the two eldest cemeteries in the town of Nitra. On the basis of the results of this evaluation, we have proposed principles for a framework methodology for restoring greenery and maintaining woody plant management in historical cemeteries.

Słowa kluczowe: cemetery, greenery, alleys, woody plants, preservation

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