Green cities

Elżbieta Węcławowicz-Bilska


The changes in the system of urbanization, initiated by research and the resulting designs at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, consisted ‘consisted’ implies there were no either kinds of changes, if you don’t mean that, use ‘included’ and take out ‘of’ of increasing the share not sure what you mean by share in this context, might ‘proportion’ be better? of green areas in urban spaces. Actions aimed at improving the human urbanized living environment, induced by the U’Thant’s report and subsequent international documents, now seem to have been a permanent development trend. Simultaneously, other actions may be observed, relating to the introduction of smart technology solutions into the urban area aimed primarily at focusing on the maximized use of urban space and additionally at sustainable development. Sometimes, the need for contact with the natural environment is the reason for seeking the direct experience of large areas of attractive natural environment. Hence, more and more often, the latest urban creations boast high quality spaces featuring perfectly organized and developed green areas.

Słowa kluczowe: city, urban areas, area of organized greenery, natural environment