Chances of improving urban spaces appeal on selected examples.

Tomasz Bajwoluk


The dynamics of changes in urban spaces vary due to diverse local conditions and growth potential of individual urban settlements. The actions undertaken in order to improve the appeal of towns concern first of all improving the quality of public spaces, but they may also be of a broader range and aim at general growth based on the local natural environment conditions. Interesting examples of urban space transformations are presented by urban settlements with a well- defined leading function meaning unclear. Among such towns are those whose development was based on natural spa and curative characteristics stemming from the existing natural resources and specific climate conditions. The aforementioned resources – documented and used for a long time – need services of continuously improving quality, given the changing market situation and which is connected, this doesn’t work here but I’m not sure it’s needed anyway the accompanying high quality space.

Słowa kluczowe: spatial and functional structure, town, spa resort, space

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