Technological aesthetics of modern facades

Joanna Tymkiewicz


The beauty of modern architecture and especially its external image, is achieved by various means, but one can venture to say that real beauty is created only in accordance with the current state of technical knowledge. The author specifies elements which characterize contemporary facade solutions, namely: modern, ecological materials, energy-efficient systems of double glass facades, sun shading devices and multimedia technologies, creating desirable features of facades in the modern world, such as dynamics, movement and information transfer. The aesthetical impact of the elements listed above, as well as their utility functions and relationships with the creation of sustainable architecture, was traced on the example of the Museum of Modern Art Building in Bolzano. Remarks and conclusions contained in the paper are based on the research literature and the author’s own observations.

Słowa kluczowe: double skin facades, media facades, sun-shading systems

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