The use of glass curtain walls as partitions with fire resistance in residential buildings – case studies

Łukasz Wesołowski


While analysing the available systems of glass curtain walls one can identify potential problems with their use as partitions with fire resistance. In most cases the metal support structure is made of aluminium. Due to its adhesive and separating interlayer made of plastic materials susceptible to the influence of temperature laminated glass, it does not work well in fire prevention. Manufacturers have products with the required parameters to use in fire partitions and qualified in terms of EI. Currently there are post and transom solutions available on the market which possess a certificate to use the whole system in EI60 fire rating. Internal spaces of posts and transoms in metal support structures are equipped with a filling: a reinforcement made of aluminium. Posts, transoms and thermal strips connecting the clamp strip with a support frame and faying surfaces integrating metal structure are subjected to special protection and safeguarding with thermo-expandable material. Additional protection allows for load-bearing parameters of up to one hour on the weakest link in the system. Producers of glass attest their products in classes from E15 to EI 180, so integrity and fire insulation lies within the aluminium support structure in the whole post and transom glass curtain wall system.The analysis of issues related to the use of glass curtain walls in residential buildings will determine the pattern of wall technology selection to the specific fire prevention requirements

Słowa kluczowe: fire-rated glass curtain walls, fire protection class of curtain walls, destruction of curtain walls during fire

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