Czasopismo Techniczne,2014, Architektura Zeszyt 7 A (14) 2014

Redaktor naczelny: Józef Gawlik
Sekretarz redakcji: Dorota Sapek
ISSN 1897-6271
Rok wydania: 2014
Słowa kluczowe: university facilities, work environment, social spaces, technological aspects, fire-rated glass curtain walls, fire protection class of curtain walls, destruction of curtain walls during fire, double skin facades, media facades, sun-shading systems, designing, assembling, steel construction, visual animation, airport, terminal, capacity, technology, passenger, building technology, elevation, building skin, architecture, architecture of new mosque, facade, innovation, brand image, modernization, polish socialism architecture, single-family buildings, energy efficiency, metropolitan scale, renewable energy, sustainable development, energy efficient buildings, optical filters, glass facades, filtering façade, industrial architecture, impact of technical factors, impact of technological factors, landscape architecture, prefabrication, concrete, sustainable construction, conservation thought, renovation, infill buildings, revitalization, building, landscape, sustainable built environment, Integrated Design Process, digital design tools, energy efficiency of buildings, building automation systems, BAS, BMS, EN 15232 Standard, impact of BAS on energy efficiency of building, design and specification, historic building adaptation, new function in historic building, revalorization, centra targowe, projektowanie, Glass Hall Lipsk, sustainable architecture, education for sustainable development, burial mound, outsourcing, modern office buildings, shell and core standard, renewable energy sources, wind turbines, energy-saving buildings, natural ventilation, airing, microclimate, drainage, horizontal waterproofing, vertical waterproofing, plinth, ventilation, capillarity, Membranes, PTFE/glass, ETFE Foil, PVC/PES, Photovoltaics (PV), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Grey Energy, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), Building Assessment Systems, Building Rating Schemes, new modern eco-friendly building materials, ETFE, modern housing architecture, technological imagination, durability of buildings, sustainable architecture and construction, building technologies and materials, curtain walls, double-skin façades, architectural form, construction materials, scientific research



The use of glass curtain walls as partitions with fire resistance in residential buildings – case studies

Czasopismo Techniczne, 2014, Architektura Zeszyt 7 A (14) 2014, s. 265-272
Data publikacji online: 4 września 2014

Technical and technological factors and social interaction as a priority in shaping modern university facilities

Czasopismo Techniczne, 2014, Architektura Zeszyt 7 A (14) 2014, s. 273-281
Data publikacji online: 4 września 2014