Identification of factors determining accident rate in construction industry

Anna Stepien


The aim of this paper was to present those factors which have a bearing on the accident rate in the
construction industry. The main problems afflicting this industry, i.e. the exceptionally high accident rate,
the unidentified causes of accidents and the poor reliability of the available data, are highlighted. It has
been established that it is difficult to optimally and consciously counteract accidents. In order to attempt to compile a survey, available literature on the causes of accidents in this industry was carried out to compile a coherent and comprehensive list of accident factors dispersed in different publications. The results are presented in a tabular form and serve as an information base for persons interested in identifying the causes of accidents in order to eliminate them, and are the starting point for further research in this field. Moreover, the author concludes that knowledge of the influence of the particular causes on the genesis of accidents is also essential in order to undertake optimal measures at all the stages of safety management.

Słowa kluczowe: accident factors, accident, hazard, causes of accidents, classification of causes

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