Time and costs analysis of production loss in bonded technological works series

Daniel Przywara,

Adam Rak


Production downtime results from the technological regime of production processes, established in production diagrams as network nodes. Their direct cause in the lack of harmonization between working teams, diversity of performance of hardware units – working in mixed systems, and different labor construction processes, performed on the same working plots. Time and costs analysis lies in optimizing the downtime of production resources using the “by-pass” production, which allows production labor (R) and hardware measures (S) for the implementation of part of the process. This tool is defined in network nodes, slowing down the production and binding the run of the production front with a two criteria network plan: technologically and organizationally. The technique is based on an algorithm of the limitations of renewable resources of means of production, which assumes the full availability of construction materials, available from storage sites. The paper presents an analysis of fixed and variable investments costs in terms of compensating for downtime.

Słowa kluczowe: monitoring costs, schedule, production loss, by-pass

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