The seasonal heat demand for heating, calculated on the basis of peak power values in educational buildings

Piotr Lis,

Anna Lis


This paper presents the selected results of examinations connected with a seasonal heat consumption (Q) and thermal power (q) for heating in educational buildings. The purpose of the analysis presented here was to examine the influence of possible occurrence and level of differences between the seasonal heat consumption (Q) and the seasonal heat demand (Qq) for heating, calculated on the basis of q values. A modification in the method for determination of Qq for room heating on the basis of available data on q was introduced. A linear function, describing the changes in (Qq – Q) depending on the changes in q values, which was applied for that purpose, made it possible to improve the consistency of obtained heat demand values in relation to measured consumption of heat for heating by 65.6%.

Słowa kluczowe: educational buildings, heating, thermal power, heat demand, heat consumption

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