The possibility of using PCM impregnated gipsum boards of different temperature phase change

Katarzyna Nowak,

Anna Zastawna-Rumin


The paper presents results of experimental studies on components containing phase change materials. The subject of research was the simultaneous usage of two different PC materials: gypsum-carton boards with paraffin capsules of change temperature 23ºC and a board with a melting temperature of 26ºC. The tests were carried out in a climatic chamber for a light skeleton wall lined with inner facing consisting of a traditional gypsum-carton and a layer of PCM board. Measurements of temperature course were taken as well as heat flux density distribution on the surfaces of the boards for variable conditions in the climatic chamber. The results presented in the article are one of the aspects of widely planned and realized measurements aimed at evaluating and choosing the optimal material solutions, using available phase change materials.

Słowa kluczowe: phase change material, PCM, heat capacity, heat accumulation

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