The influence of support widths of trapezoidal sheets on local transverse resistance of the web according to PN-EN 1993-1-3.

Edyta Pięciorak


This paper comments on the calculations algorithm and presents examples of the determination of local transverse resistance of the web for trapezoidal sheets according to the rules given in the standard PN-EN 1993-1-3 [4]. The calculations were carried out for different support widths and thicknesses of the stiffened and unstiffened webs of trapezoidal sheets. The results obtained in the calculations show a distinctly positive influence of the increase of the support widths on the local transverse resistance of the web of trapezoidal sheets.

Słowa kluczowe: trapezoidal sheet, local transverse forces, local transverse resistance of the stiffened and unstiffened web, effective bearing length

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