Dynamic compaction of cohesive soils – theoretical aspects and modeling

Magdalena Mikołajczyk


The principles of dynamic compaction of soils are presented in the paper, along with a short description of its usefulness for cohesive soils. The main topic of the article is the description of ways of modeling the phenomenon related to dynamic compaction. This is based on experimental data and on recently developed computer models using the Finite Element Method. Existing simplified ‘perfectly flexible plastic’ model is presented and used for computer modeling. The model does not capture the highly plastic and nonlinear behavior of cohesive soils under dynamic compaction. Additionally, a modified Cam-Clay constitutive model will be briefly described, which can address the above mentioned issues. Computer modeling method of the phenomenon will be discussed, together with a short description of the dynamic characteristics of the process.

Słowa kluczowe: dynamic compaction, cohesive soils, Final Elements Method

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