Thrmal comfort of the individual flats of multi-family panel building

Katarzyna Nowak-Dzieszko,

Małgorzata Rojewska-Warchał


The paper presents the results of the annual computational simulations conducted for the W70 panel building. The calculations were carried out in the Design Builder program which allows preparing the simulation of the building envelope as well as the separate parts of the building interior. It is very rare to considerate the requirements connected to the overheating effect in the panel buildings. This issue is closely related to the thermal comfort in the building, especially during the summer months. Based on the conducted simulations, authors indicated the influence of building orientation, individual flat location and thermal insulation on the thermal comfort in the different flats of prefabricated panel building.

Słowa kluczowe: panel building, W70 system, thermal comfort of the panel buildings, PMV (Predicted Mean Vote), PPD (Predicted Percentage of Dissatisfied)

PN-EN ISO 7730 Ergonomics of the thermal environment. Analytical determination and interpretation of thermal comfort using calculation of the PMV and PPD indices and local thermal comfort criteria.

PN-83/B-03430 Wentylacja w budynkach mieszkalnych zamieszkania zbiorowego i uży- teczności publicznej – Wymagania.

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