Prediction of turbulent fluid mixing in corrugated static mixers

Giuseppina Montante,

Mirella Coroneo,

Franco Magelli,

Alessandro Paglianti


This work deals with the analysis of the turbulent flow of Newtonian fluids in pipelines equipped with corrugated plate static mixers. The investigation is carried out by Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations based on the numerical solution of the Reynolds Averaged continuity, momentum and scalar transport equations coupled with the standard k‒ε turbulence model. The mixing characteristics of the SMV mixer in blending two miscible liquids having equal or different density are presented and the effects of different operating conditions are discussed. Finally, the effectiveness of the simulation results to provide guidelines for the optimization of the static mixing operating conditions and design are highlighted.

Słowa kluczowe: mixer, SMV, turbulent flow, blending, Computational Fluid Dynamics

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