Jan Jędrzejewicz ‒ a professional among amateur astronomers

Magda Siuda-Bochenek


Jan Jędrzejewicz was an eminent Polish amateur astronomer. He lived and worked as a doctor in a small town of Płońsk, situated 60 km of Warsaw. His great passion was astronomy and he devoted his all free time to it. After gaining essential knowledge, he built observatory, which he professionally equipped with his own funds. The main subject of his work was micrometer measurements of double stars, to which he applied himself with unusual precision and diligence. This was appreciated by an American astronomer S.W. Burnham, who included these results in his catalogue of double stars. Jędrzejewicz also observed the Sun, comets, planets and other sky phenomena, and the results of his works were published in the international journals: “Astronomische Nachrichten” and “Vierteljahrsschrift Astronomischen Ggesellschaft”. Noteworthy in his papers are extremely thorough investigation of the subject and a great number of references to papers of contemporaneous professional astronomers. Jędrzejewicz aroused interest of the scientific world, which was demonstrated by the fact that information about him appeared several times in the journal “Nature”.

Słowa kluczowe: astronomy in Poland, nineteen-century astronomy, amateur astronomy

Magda Siuda-Bochenek, Institute for the History of Science of the Polish Academy of Science.

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