Local variations in the stage‒discharge relationship for the Vistula river in the surroundings of Sandomierz during flood eve

Tomasz Siuta


In this paper, the results of numerical simulations of the flow field in the compound channel of the Vistula river in the surroundings of Sandomierz are presented. Hydro_as-2d model was used for these calculations ‒ this numerically solves so-called shallow water equations. Special attention was paid to local variations of the water surface level and velocity distribution due to river meandering, the split of the water stream between the main channel and the floodplain and also due to the removal of high vegetation. Additionally, results of the computations were interpreted in the context of the partly documented knowledge of flow behaviour in meandering compound channels.

Słowa kluczowe: stage‒discharge relationship, floodplains, meander, shear stress, velocity field, high vegetation, turbulent flow