An analysis of the application of the Alden turbine ‒ a case study of the Dobczyce hydroelectric power plant

Bernard Twaróg


This study contains an analysis of the Alden turbine with a power level of 5.0 MW in the Dobczyce power plant. Taking into account results of annalysis, it may be concluded that the contemplated use of the Alden turbine in the Dobczyce power plant is close to the limits of practical applicability and economic viability of this solution. The average annual energy output value achieved using the Kaplan turbines oscillates around 9 GWh, and if the turbines are replaced with an Alden turbine, the estimated average annual output may reach a maximum of 10.6 GWh which represents an increase in power output of about 17%.

Słowa kluczowe: Alden turbine, Kaplan turbine, power plant modelling