Analysis of the influence of shaping steel hall pillars of its dynamic characteristics

Katarzyna Franczyk,

Alicja Kowalska-Koczwara


In this paper, the analysis of the influence of the changes in shaping steel hall pillars of its dynamic characteristics, in particular of the value of the natural frequency, has been subjected. The moment of inertia about the axis of the transverse profile of a typical arrangement of the pile and its mass influence on the dynamic characteristics of the steel pillars hall. These factors are different for different types of steel poles profile. The article presents the results of the analysis of the influence of the shape of the three selected types of profiles on the dynamic characteristics of the steel hall. Steel hall selected for the analysis is a workshop, a single nave hall with a frame structure covered with a gable roof. Profile sections of load bearing pillars used for the analysis are: IPE 450, 280 HEB, HEM 220. These profiles were selected due to similarities between stress levels. The evaluation shall assess the influence of such dimensional manipulation on change of the construction costs of the steel hall selected for analysis. Static design and modal analysis was made in Robot Structural Analysis which is FEM engineering program

Słowa kluczowe: modal analysis, natural frequencies of the structure, dynamic, numerical model

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