Numerical analysis of consolidation of embankment subsoil reinforced with dynamic replacement stone columns

Piotr Kanty,

Krzysztof Sternik,

Sławomir Kwiecień


The paper presents a comparative analysis of the consolidation of soil under a road embankment reinforced with stone columns. The results were obtained from the most common analytical and numerical methods applied in driven column dimensioning. The analytical approach exploits Terzaghi’s one-dimensional theory and Barronʼs three-dimensional theory. The numerical calculations reflected the particular stages of the embankment construction in various two- and three-dimensional systems. The geotechnical parameters that were crucial for the research were determined on the basis of geoengineering documentation, laboratory and field studies. The paper begins with a short introduction presenting the dynamic replacement method.

Słowa kluczowe: dynamic replacement, stone column, numerical analysis