Determination of characteristic flow values downstream of the Racibórz Reservoir using Monte Carlo methods based on copula functions

Bernard Twaróg


This case study of the Racibórz reservoir discusses the application of a determination method of characteristic flow values below retention reservoirs. The study describes the selected theoretical foundations, the individual steps of the Monte Carlo (MC) method used to generate hypothetical flood wave hydrographs, and the results of simulations leading to the determination of characteristic flow values below retention reservoirs. The method is based on probability density functions for a multidimensional random variable obtained using copula link functions. The results of the analyses are represented in tables and graphs. The results of the simulation analysis are presented for comparison purposes, assuming a constant and a variable time for the hypothetical base flood elevation.

Słowa kluczowe: copula functions, multivariate distributions of a random variable, flood wave characteristics, Monte Carlo method, random number generator, flows with a defined probability of exceedance, retention reservoirs