Cracow of the future – will it be a city where everybody would like to live?.

Jacek Gyurkovich


We are surrounded by architecture on an everyday basis, we all encounter it; therefore, we should make sure it is useful, beautiful, and harmonious. Architecture is created for man, for people, for society. For this reason, it has to exhibit appropriate practical and artistic values. It should create a beautiful, harmonious space. It is imperative to provide residents with good contact with nature in the urban living environment, and attractive public spaces of an urban character. Architecture created lately in Cracow consists of new city landmarks, as well as of growing number of residential developments of different scale, which has been built in vacant (sometimes green) areas. Are they all fulfilling the needs of the contemporary society? Over recent years, the attitudes and awareness of Cracow residents have changed, most of all in the subject of the cleanness of air, noise, and ecology. Today, we all wish to live in a city which is healthy, hence the efforts to make sure that both contemporary architecture and public transport are ecological and do not emit pollution and noise. Is this possible to achieve in a city in which the planning policy is dependent on the insufficient legal documents (study of development, instead of master plan)? The examples presented in this paper shows that, at least in Cracow, the situation is slowly changing for better

Słowa kluczowe: new architectural investments in Cracow, the future of the city, landmarks, residential estates, urban growth